5 things happening at New York Mens Fashion Week



1. Diversity

It’s become a big push in womenswear but now men are following suit. On Monday, a motley crew of designers at New York Men’s Day showcased fresh faced models who were unique to one another.

At David Hart, for example, there were bi-racial models with long locks, black models with braids, blonde models with curly hair. It felt fresh.

“It’s all about showcasing our customer and he’s from every single background and culture,” Hart told Mashable Monday.

It was seen at the David Naman show as well, where Asian models stood next to Hispanic and Black men.

2. Samsung Gear VR flexes its fashion muscles

Samsung has made its stamp on past fashion weeks, sponsoring backstage lounges and throwing massive parties for the CFDA. It’s clear the brand wants to closely align with the fashion industry.

Samsung 837 partnered with the CFDA to create a virtual world, powered by Samsung Gear VR, that features nine of the most promising men’s designers. Which means those outside of New York City can utilize technology to get intimate with designers and their latest collections.

The video connects users with nine designers and their collections, where every head turn (from left, right, up and down) features a different look. The five-minute video is available on-site at Samsung 837, the brand’s New York City hub, or nationwide at Milk VR.

3. Grooming is bigger than ever

According to a study by Euromonitor, men’s grooming in the U.S. is estimated to become a $6.5 billion industry by 2018. By 2020, it will become a $55.5 billion industry worldwide.

It’s no surprise, then, that men’s grooming grands from the likes of AXE to Louisiana-based brand Minerals Black Tie are sponsoring different aspects of men’s week.

AXE, which has completely rebranded with a viral ad campaign, “Find Your Magic,” is sending the message that all men can embrace their inner beauty by being themselves.

Minerals Black Tie is going a step further with its care, betting that men are wanting and needing makeup. The brand co-sponsored Monday’s New York Men’s Day. The collection includes mascaras, foundations, powders, to even eyebrow gels.

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